The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund of Secession Golf Club

Our love for Secession and the people who work there extends to Beaufort and the greater community. The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund is our club’s way of demonstrating that affection.

Mark your calendar!

Applications to the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund for the 2020 academic year will be available November 1, 2019.

About LeVeen-Roach

The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund was founded in memory of two members, Jeffrey Earle LeVeen and Stephen Louis Roach of Secession Golf Club who lost their lives in the World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The scholarship was created to remember their love for golf and commitment to Secession by funding the higher education ambitions of students who display academic potential, share a connection to the game of golf and to the Beaufort, SC, area, and demonstrate financial need.

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Jeff LeVeen and Stephen Roach

Who is eligible for a LeVeen-Roach Scholarship?

Scholarship grants are contingent upon the recipient’s graduation from high school and/or successful completion of the current academic year in college AND enrollment in an accredited college, university or professional program. Applicants will be from the Beaufort, South Carolina community and will be judged on academic potential and connection to golf. Awards will be granted to qualified applicants who demonstrate financial need. In addition, please include the following:

  • iconAn essay describing your participation and/or connection to golf.
  • iconA recent photograph, suitable for posting on this website.
  • iconTwo letters of recommendation.
  • iconAn updated transcript of your grades.
  • iconA current list of honors, achievements, and special activities.
  • iconPrevious year’s tax returns for you and/or your parents or guardians.

Applications to the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund for the 2020 academic year will be available November 1, 2019.

Mark Your Calendar
Andrew Jacob Jezewski

“I have really enjoyed my time at Clemson and look forward to my next two years there. I am so grateful for the assistance and help the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund has given me. It’s helping me achieve my dreams.”

– Andrew Jacob Jezewski, Junior at Clemson University

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Brennan Fleury

“LeVeen-Roach Scholarship has meant a great deal to me and my family. The scholarship allowed me to attend The Citadel. It helped to ease the financial burden of college.”

– Brennan Fleury, The Citadel

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Josh Fickes

“The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship has made a major impact on my college life thus far. I am so thankful for their support and am honored to represent such a prestigious club and award from the generous members of Secession Golf Club that make this opportunity possible. Without this scholarship, I would be encumbered in loans and would be under a much more stressful lifestyle while at school. It is truly a privilege to have the support from the Secession community.”

– Josh Fickes, Junior at Clemson University

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Joel Fickes

“The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship has helped my brother and I attend college without the financial stress that many families experience along the way. We are both truly grateful to have had the support of the LR-Scholarship fund and the Secession family throughout our lives.”

– Joel Fickes, Graduate at Miami University of Ohio

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John Woods

“The scholarship has allowed me to go back to school. Without it I would definitely not be able to afford college as I did not want to be up to my eyeballs in loans when I finished. It has also allowed me to work part time and not be worried about how I'm going to afford books and other such things.”

– John Woods, a.k.a. J-Bird (caddie)

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Chris Summers

“The Secession caddy master at the time, Joe Magee, lent me $3,000 to start college. (He worked me like a dog so I could pay him back in a timely manner!) Further help from the scholarship was absolutely crucial for me to continue my studies. I knew Jeff LeVeen and Stephen Roach after caddying for them a few times. They were wonderful people. I was standing by #1 tee on the morning of Blue-Gray, 2001. Members were lined up all the way up the 18th fairway. Talk about a lump in the throat.”

– Chris Summers, Director of Accommodations, Secession Golf Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for application?

The deadline for submitting an application for the 2019-2020 school year is March 1, 2019.

Is the LeVeen-Roach grant renewable?

Students must submit a full application each year. The Board of Trustees reviews each applicant’s academic standing and financial need.

What is the size of the grant and how is it determined?

The grants are determined by at least three factors: (a) available funds, (b) financial need, and (c) academic potential.

Is there an average amount of the grants?

No, there is no average. The Board looks at each application and makes a determination for that individual. Since 2001, awards have totaled more than $1.3 million, and range from $350 to $17,500.

Are grants available for post-graduate study?

No, the By-Laws of the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund allow for grants only for undergraduate study.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff LeVeen, Chairman of the Board
  • Mike Ayrer, President
  • Chris Summers, Vice President
  • Rick Rhoden, Treasurer
  • Ned Tupper, Secretary
  • Gary Godshaw
  • John Green
  • Michael Harmon
  • Chris Kowalewski
  • Andrew LeVeen
  • Ryan Oelkers
  • Nicholas Stone
  • Pete Whinfrey
  • Jeff Wilks
  • Willy Williams
  • Andy LaVallee, Chairman Emeritus

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