Make a Contribution

The LeVeen Roach Scholarship Fund is a South Carolina corporation managed by a board of trustees, and its status is approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Gifts and contributions are motivated by the same spirit that founded the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund, the memories of two friends and a desire to give something of lasting value to the Beaufort-area community.

How to Contribute

There are three ways you can contribute to the Leveen Roach Scholarship Fund.

  1. By credit card or bank draft via Paypal.
  2. By check. Please make your check payable to the LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund and send to:

    The LeVeen-Roach Scholarship Fund of Secession Golf Club
    c/o Rick Rhoden
    Rhoden CPA Firm
    808 Greene St., Suite 201
    Augusta, GA 30901

  3. For special donations or more information about how to give, contact Rick Rhoden.